What are Lumineers®?

Lumineers® allow you to achieve a whiter smile that is free of visible damage to teeth. They differ from veneers in that they are not as invasive. The original tooth is left unchanged and enamel is left undamaged. Lumineers® are much more popular for patients as a long-term solution.


While the appear to be much thinner than veneers, they are still strong and durable. Its important to go with a skilled cosmetic dentist that specializes in veneers to get a natural and visually appealing smile with Lumineers®. Lumineers® are also easier to apply than veneers as they do not require teeth to be shaven down.


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Dr. Barker has been providing Lumineers® to qualified patients for over 5 years now. Dr. Barker is highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry and has completed additional dentistry qualifications that separates him from general dentists.

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